Our mission

We are driven to create a team and culture that empowers business leaders and creates exceptional expectations.

Our story

Our journey began in banking.

In the world of finance, our founders crafted one of the most successful corporate treasury services within a bank. Over time, they recognised that achieving their vision necessitated a bold leap beyond traditional banking – a move toward a more entrepreneurial environment.

Beyond the banking realm, our team observed nimble non-banks lacking the depth of expertise and product breadth demonstrated by traditional banks.

And so, Birchstone emerged – a fusion of three worlds. We embody the professionalism of a bank, the agility of a non-bank and the rigour and expertise of a consultancy. Our mission? To forge deeper connections with our clients.

Fuelling our journey is our proprietary technology, MIRA. Developed with a wealth management mindset and our clients’ problems at its core, MIRA allows us to thoroughly understand our clients and their businesses. Armed with this knowledge, we offer unrivalled insight and create strategies that truly align with their objectives.

Our values


We’re client-focused

We work to ensure clients feel empowered by their business strategy.

We stay humble

We’re down-to-earth and straight-talking.

We’re candid

We deal in truths – feedback helps improve our clients’ businesses and our relationships.

We keep it simple

We talk about our process and our passion for finance like a friend, not like a banker.

We help others

We know we’re fortunate to love what we do, so we strive to help our colleagues, clients and communities.

We strive for more

We’re not content with the status quo. We challenge conventional methods in financial services – it’s in our DNA.

Life at Birchstone

Looking after our people is central to the Birchstone ethos. We work tirelessly to build a workplace where every employee feels supported, whether through training and development or collaboration and smart technology. And though we’re all driven to succeed as individuals, we know that having each other’s backs is what truly sets our culture apart.

  • A single destination

    We’re a single destination for ambitious people to grow, with a diverse product offering that gives everyone the opportunity for a more varied, financially rewarding career.
  • A trusted advisor

    We help every employee become a trusted client advisor, with ongoing training and a professional culture that challenges the negative stereotypes of bankers and brokers.
  • A smarter experience

    Our proprietary technology gives our people the ability to offer better, data-driven consultancy and build more meaningful relationships with clients.
  • A deeper relationship

    Whether with clients or each other, we strive to build mutually beneficial relationships. We have a true team mindset and a family feel, with a vested interest in each other’s success.
The proof is in the people

The future of financial services

We’re building a group of people with something genuinely different from the rest. I believe in the team, the technology and our mission.”
Devonshi Mody, Head of Sales

Join our team

We’re humble yet hungry. If you can match our passion, client focus and high standards of professionalism, we’d love to hear from you.
And if there isn’t a role that applies to you, don’t worry – you can simply contact our team directly. Egos need not apply.

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