Our technology

Smart risk analytics

MIRA is our powerful, in-house technology – a proprietary solution that clients can choose to enhance their currency risk strategy. Developed by experts, it helps us understand your risk tolerance as well as the FX risks within your business. Using these insights, comparative peer data analysis and our expertise, we create a tailored strategy to help you protect your bottom line.

How does MIRA work?

Understanding you

We get to understand you, your business and what makes you different. By analysing your confidence and attitude towards FX risk, we uncover your tolerance and objectives, and work with you to reduce the risk of FX exposures on your bottom line.

Stress test your FX risk

We stress test your business under different risk scenarios such as a financial crisis, pandemic, war and political turmoil – so you’re more informed about how FX can affect profitability.


Our reports set your FX strategy against what you initially set out to achieve – helping you align with your stakeholders and the board.

Clarity on your FX risk

Our technology and expertise shed light on your FX risk exposure. Our analysis reveals how much FX risk your business faces, and highlights the potential impact on your profits if your hedging strategy isn’t optimised.

Peer data

Managing FX can be difficult, especially as there’s often limited data available. We provide sector-specific peer data to help you make better decisions, validate your strategy and build a case internally.