Peer Data
Peer data

Data Driven Treasury

We empower you to make the right decisions by helping you to learn more about your peers and their treasury decisions. With Birchstone, the power is in your hands.

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How we make a difference

  • Stay competitive
    Our data helps you understand the decisions your peers are making. We ensure that every treasury decision you take keeps you ahead of the pack.
  • Power of alignment
    We remove the emotion from treasury decision-making. Our peer data empowers you to think rationally, aligning your decision-making with what the rest of the market is doing.
  • Keeping you informed
    Everyone’s a market expert, right? We’re not in the business of making predictions. Rather, we give you the tools and data you need so that you can make informed decisions for your business.
  • Guard against bias
    We’re all human – we all have biases. At Birchstone we strive to ensure that decision-making is driven by data, not subjective judgements. We can’t remove them completely, but our data helps to manage them.
  • Diversified thinking
    Diversification is critical. And if you know what your peers are doing, you can do a better job of diversifiying your risk.

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