Our Beliefs

Proud to see things differently

Like you, we’re frustrated by the one-size-fits-all approach. We start with understanding you, your business, your risks, your goals and what makes you different.

Using smart technology with human wisdom we custom build a risk strategy for you.

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Our founding team

James Arnold
CEO & Founder
Jonathan Pryor
Managing Director
Devonshi Mody
Portfolio Sales
Shaun Garrett
Portfolio Manager
Lewis Thorn
Portfolio Manager
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What makes us tick

Our industry hasn’t changed for a long time. One day, when working with a wealth management firm, we saw the diligent process they went through when creating investment strategies for clients. It was a eureka moment – one that opened our eyes to the power of personalised service in treasury management.

We tested our hypothesis, built a prototype, ditched the suits and removed the shackles of traditional banking. We may not be changing the world, but we are changing how UK organisations think about treasury. We want to shift the power back to you and create confidence in risk management through technology, peer data and our down to earth experts.

Our Risk Philosophy
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Our values
  • We’re all about you
    We’re focused on ensuring that you feel empowered by your treasury strategy.
  • We keep it simple
    We talk to people about our process and our passion for treasury like a friend, not like a derivatives trader.
  • We keep it humble
    We're down to earth, straight-talking people.
  • We like to help others
    We know we're fortunate to love what we do so we strive to help our colleagues, clients and communities.
  • We’re candid
    We deal in truths because you need to hear them – feedback helps improve your business and our relationship.
  • We strive for more
    We're not content with the status quo. We challenge conventional methods in treasury – it's in our DNA.

The benefits for our clients

We connect you to the right data – by helping you understand your risk, peer behaviour and market dynamics, we enable you to make better decisions.

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  • Connected Treasury
    We empower you to take control of your FX risk management, cash deposits and broader treasury needs.
  • Our Edge Is Your Edge
    We take time to understand you and your unique risk profile, blending proven techniques and data-driven decision-making.
  • Connected To The Market
    We help you understand what your peers are doing by leveraging market data, enabling you to proactively manage stakeholders.
  • Connected to Your Business
    We never push product. Instead, we offer treasury solutions that are the right fit for you and your business.

The proof is in the people

“The future of treasury management.”
Once I heard about the fresh approach I couldn't wait to join Birchstone. We're building a group of people with something genuinely different from the rest. I believe in the team, the technology, and our mission. For me, it feels like the future of treasury management.
Devonshi, Portfolio Sales
“Do something different and innovate”
It was so refreshing to hear of a business wanting to break the mould and innovate. From the moment I met the team at Birchstone, I knew my clients would love the offering; it's what they've always been looking for. For me, it's a challenge, the start of an exciting journey.
Lewis, Portfolio Manager

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