Corporate FX risk
corporate fx risk

Transforming FX Risk Management

Everything starts with you and your business. Birchstone is here to empower you to design your own custom-built risk strategy alongside our team of down-to-earth experts.

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How we make a difference

  • Getting to know you
    We've created a simple psychometric tool that provides you with an intuitive understanding of your risk tolerance. We give you the confidence to take control of your FX risk.
  • Designed for you
    When it comes to FX risk, we know the stakes are high. We're with you every step of the way, ensuring that you get the consistency, confidence and financial performance your business deserves.
  • Connected Reporting
    Nobody notices when you get it right, but everyone blames you when you get it wrong. We are building a better way. Our tailored board reports bring your risk strategy to life and provide you with the data to justify your decisions to stakeholders.
  • Automation is your friend
    FX risk management is a full-time job. So it makes sense to enlist the help of cutting-edge people and technology to automate the process. All you have to do is load up your desired delivery dates and our system does the rest, allowing you to smooth volatility through incrementally building your hedging.
  • Our team is your team
    We are candid but empathetic, forthright in our opinions but humble in how we deliver them. We believe the magic happens when strategy, data and team come together to tame FX risk.
  • A fresh perspective
    Making big financial decisions can be daunting. But we're here to help by utilising peer data, a considered risk framework, jargon-free market analysis, and our proprietary technology. We give you the perspective you need to proceed with confidence.
  • We've got you covered
    Our suite of FX products powers your risk strategy. We offer everything you'd expect of a world-class treasury provider from spot, forward and FX Pulse, to vanilla and exotic options.
  • Where are Birchstone based?

    Birchstone Markets is registered as a Limited Company in England. Our office is in London, near Holborn.

  • What services do you provide?

    We offer Corporate and Institutional FX services, as well as Cash Deposits. Everything we do is informed by our unique Risk Philosophy. You can see more by clicking 'Services' in the menu.

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